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Anxiety case


Lady with anxiety and IBS

"I'm just too sensitive . . . my body simply cannot tolerate anti-biotics"

"With homeopathy, I feel listened too, valued and understood - all in one go !"

I have decided that I need a gentle and holistic approach to my own health care.  I'm just too sensitive for most prescriptive medicines and my body simply cannot tolerate antibiotics.


I have recognised that a 10 minute consultation with a medically trained doctor is simply not enough time.  I have found that I need a sympathetic ear, someone who "hears what I am saying".

"I need to feel that someone understands me, is fighting my corner.  Homeopathy gives me that  !"

At my age I hate to think that I have become a burden on those that I love - that fills me with a sense of guilt which roots me to the spot and stops me from making any sort of progress at all.  I need to feel valued and not simply a nuisence.  I hate being "talked at" or dismissed as being over-sensitive.

Normally, I'm out-going and sociable, at heart I'm an artistic person.  Illness makes me feel old.  It has only been through using homeopathy that I can reconnect to those youthful feelings of self-expression and joy.


Sheila, Cheddar