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A mother's story - "My son with Aspergers"

Aspergers case


"The healing that homeopathy  initiates is so complete and so whole that even trying to remember what his symptoms were like, is almost impossible - it has worked so well !"

My son was believed to have aspergers syndrome, when assessed at the age of six: he was a child who was very shut away in his own understanding of the world and had difficulty relating to those around him, and his behaviour could be very 'bizarre' !


However, this is not the child I have now - after several years of homeopathic treatment he is a delightful, amusing, 'sparky' boy, with a wicked sense of humour - for an eleven year-old.

"He may not always relate to the world in the easy way his brother can, but with each homeopathic remedy, he becomes more aware"

I liken my son's progress to a flower opening: he was always a tight-budded bloom, tense, nervous and closed to everything around him, and then as he experienced homeopathy, he gradually started opening up to reveal the real person within.  Each remedy seems to reveal a little more of the truely beautiful person, that had once been trapped from view, but now is more relaxed and at one with the world.

Homeopathy has been amazing - it's helped his sleep; where once he woke regularly through the night.  The distressing dreams and restlessness have disappeared.  Now he is sleeping soundly and peacefully.  He is calm, where once he had been a very tense, stressed child who could easily display a great deal of anger.

One particular remedy worked in what I could only desribe as "a miraculous way". My son never had an awareness of doing anything wrong - which could cause real difficulties for other family members.  However, a couple of days after one prescribed remedy, he knocked over a glass and then apologised saying, "Sorry, that was my fault" - a phrase he had never uttered in his life before and I remember being rooted to the spot with shock.


This is how deep the healing from homeopathic remedies can be.

                                                                                                                                                                           Jennie, Cirencester

"Now his emotional reactions are far less extreme, so he can handle them - and so too can his family !"

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