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The four elemental energies - spirit and body, emotion and mind

Astro-homeopathy - when two worlds collide.

The precise astronomy of the major planets within our own solar system correlate exactly with the mineral elements appearing on our modern-day periodic table.  Which comes as no surprise to science as they were all formed together at the same moment, some 4 billion years ago.


Using a dynamic algorithum our releations with each element upon the periodic table we can gain an instant insight into the potential blocks that inhibit growth and natural energetic flow.

Astro-homeopathy is a unique way of viewing your place in the world.  It sees your spiritual potential as a hidden resource, woven into the astronomy of your birth.  Then combines this with the healing effect of homeopathy to remove the obstacles that undermine your health, confidence and energy.

Based upon the exact astronomicaI conditions laid out in your personal Natal Birth Chart, astro-homeopathy can look at both spirit and physical, emotional and mental aspects of your life.  Homeopathic prescriptions can then be tailored to remove obstructions and entanglements, misdirection and confusions caused by the planetary interactions.

Nick Cripps

The mineral elements of the Periodic Table

With the aid of an Ephemeris (a mathematical reference table of planetary positions) it is possible to pinpoint the precise angular relationships between the major planets.  This leads us directly to the minerals, gemstones and cystal formations that will support the healing process.


Using astronomy to illuminate this model of health we can begin to create a spiritual route towards better health and greater self-awareness.  This allows the homeopath a more specific and successful use of homeoapthic remedies when prescribing.

The Ephemeris - the mathematics of our solar system


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