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Diverse - structured Crystals

Diverse - 'truth hidden away in history'

In Astrology the septile aspect to the planets.


In Homeopathy the acute remedies, which like arnica, aconite, stram, can become 'a way of life'.


Psychology: they cannot face up to, or confront their hidden issue. This avoidance then leads to entrapment, and a hidding away from life. And so negative experiences keep endlessly repeating.

Diverse crystal personality type

The 'erractic genius' - impossible to describe, obvious to spot. "Are they a genius or a sham?", you'll think. In fact they are both!  But even the really nice ones have totally blanked out their own history - only vaguely aware of the demons lurking in their past?


Think of river sediment, the number of amazing things trapped down in the silt - this is diverse. Where there is muck there's brass - and secrets!  However, the brass takes a lot of sifting out.  They do have regular genius ideas, but because no one takes

them seriously, they use their genius against you.

Is misdirection. Their conversations will distract you: they are entirely evasive and you will never know them.


If they are kind people who have found some peace and purpose in their life they will do everything to keep life jolly, yet superficial, never venturing close to the truth.


If they have literally, 'lost their way' then they will become the scammers, fraudsters, 'fly by nights' and dupers

of our world.  Sadly, never, ever to be trusted.  'This

is too good to be true!' - sums them up nicely.

The result of all this is . . .

Moh's hardness scale for rocks and crystals

The hardness or softness of a rock/mineral is rated on the Moh scale from 1 to 10.  1 being very soft and 10 very hard.  Ten specific minerals and gemstones define this scale, and feature in the puemonic: 'The Geologist Can Find An Ordinary Quartz (that) Tourists Call Diamond'.


Thus: 1 Talc,  2 Gypsum, 3 Calcite,  4 Fluorite,  5 Apatite,  6 Orthoclase Feldspar, 7 Quartz,  8 Topaz,  9 Corundum (ruby, sapphire) 10 Diamond

Astro-homeopathy analagy to the Moh scale.

Simplifying the Moh hardness/softness scale to -

1 - slight but often,  4 - moderate and alternating

7 - strong and forceful, 10 - intense, profound, consumed

Finding your "creative, resourceful and spiritual" crystals.

Knowing you need a diverse crystal structure use the Mohs hardness scale to direct you to a specific crystal. If more one crystal is that hard, refer to the chakra colour of your "block" ie. crown-connection - silver.

Diverse crystals, Mohs hardness scale

1               Pumice

2 - 2.5      Amber with inclusions

3.5 - 5?    Oolite, iron oxide in sandstone


?                Conglomerate, grainy sediment

5.5 ?          Larvikite, Syenite


6               Eclogite

6               Garnet in matrix

6 ?             Sandstone jasper

6 - 7          Shiva-Lingham stone


7               Snake-skin jasper

7               Stromatolite, 'Miriam' stone


7 - 8          Petrified wood, Fossilised wood

7 - 8          Aztec stone, Leopard skin jasper

                 Coralised jasper

Amber with hidden inclusions

Mohs 2 - 2.5

Baltic amber with 'hidden' animal or plant inclusions

Sandstone Jasper

Mohs 6 ?

Jasper formed by a sedimentary process


Mohs 1

Erratically formed volanic residues

Shiva-Lingham stone  - Mohs 6 - 7

A stone with two aspects - can be up to a kg in weight.


Mohs 7

Made from compressed river sediment, reeds.  Aka, 'Cartographer's stone' or 'Miriam'.

Coralised Jasper

Mohs 7 - 8

Attractive Jasper with very old coral remains.

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