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Nick Cripps - "experience comes from working with people, young and old"

These elements do not fall into place by themselves or by chance; they reflect our inner need and commitment to grow as a person.  They allow us to negotiate a better life for ourselves, by sharing our fears and rejecting the temptation to blame others for our pain.


Many adults develop symptoms whose origins appear to begin back in childhood.  Surprisingly, these symptoms reflect a similar energy to that which was keeping their parents or grandparent's stuck, generations before.  Repeating family patterns like, depression and low self-confidence, violence or inhibition can result.


Family therapy, astrology and homeopathy all share this deeper understanding of human nature.  They work holistically to allow emotions and spiritual energy to flow together in harmony to optimise a person's potential for full health.

My knowledge comes from study in counselling and family therapy. I have been a registered member of the Registered Society of Homeopaths (RSHom) since 2008, and have 10 years NHS experience as a counsellor, group and family therapist, dealing with a variety of emotional issues - specifically with grief.

I believe in some significant way that our lives are spiritually lead.  We possess an inner knowing or guiding force which continually reflects back to us our true nature.  At heart we could be artists or organisers, builders or leaders, but what truely matters is that our spirit lives within our work.  Then our energy can flow and allow our true personality to develop - thus the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of ourselves begin to exist in harmony.


Closely following our spiritual path gives us the energy and enthusiasm to seek out the truth in any given situation, and we can discover the benefit of close, loving and supportive relationships. During this process we develop a realistic self-image our ourself which in turn, I believe, helps keep us free from chronic disease.


Nick Cripps

A commitment to growth

Nick Cripps