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Saturn's transits - blocking your way ahead

Saturn's Transit


Saturn has an orbit around the Sun of roughly 29 years.  And, thus has a crucial effect upon our development at certain ages.


However, with repect to our birth chart

Mercury - looks at our mental faculties, our intellect, memory and an ability to communicate effectively.


              Venus - highlight's our feminine principle and our appreciation of yourself, beauty and creavitivity.


                            Mars - is a male principle. It requires us to assert ourselves, and drives us to take action.

Uranus - helps us predict and incorporate sudden change. It heralds the unexpected and unusual.



Neptune - can illuminate hidden or malign actions, it helps us untangle confusion. It creates dreams.



Pluto - connects in a deep way, shows us obsession, uncovers repressed or hidden thoughts and feelings.

Jupiter - is about expanding our life.  It shows us how we relate to others and connect to new opportunities.


Saturn - represents the restrictions we encounter in life and show us what we need to learn.  Through Saturn we create a solid foundation on which to build.

A year of planetary transits

Each planet has it's own unique energy .  .  .