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A guardian's story:

                             "overcoming learning difficulties"

"Homeopathic remedies - are brilliant, excellent and life changing !"

We have been using homeopathy for the last 8 years.  The remedies have enabled a 6-year-old boy with learning difficulties, short concentration span and emotional and social immaturities to remain in full-time state education.  The homeopathic support has helped him through primary and secondary school, as well as allowed him to pursue hobbies and interests in sport.

"I have no hesitation in recommending homeopathy - because it works !"

With the help of regular monthly visits to a homeopathic children's clinic and taking the remedies, we are now in the process of filling out application forms for a Sports Course in our further education college.

Using the remedies I have witnessed situations changing quickly for the better, and outlooks becoming more positive: skin conditions improve, confidence and concentration improve.


Sue, Bridgwater