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Tetragonal - structured Crystals

Tetragonal is 'changeable or incomplete'

In Astrology this is shown by the Novile aspect of planets and transits.


In Homeopathy, the Typhoid miasm with the suppression of copper and irritability of Nux vom.


In Psychology it's the angry face that distracts us from the lost and confused child.

Tetragonal crystal personality type

An unusual crystal type, best described as "changeable", at worst "incomplete". They have a 'set way' of doing things which always involves other people doing 90% of the work.  They perceive themselves in charge, but in fact have delegated so much of the job, they are now redundant - superfluous even!  They can run family members and junior staff members 'ragged'.


Puts me in mind of the rhyme: "I busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do".  These types are constantly hiding behind an excuse.

Intense feelings can gradually build up, more often anger, expressed as irritabilty. Feelings of loss, abandonment, panic can suddenly envelope them. Oblivious to themselves, they will happily blame others for their discomfort.


There is a real sense of nervous breakdown here, due to an inability to face up to themselves.  They often loose their senses early in life - sight, hearing, touch - as they literally are, out of touch with the flow of life.


An unusual trait - although married or in a relationship, they will have a second equally close relationship with a 3rd person - brother, sister, cousin, neighbour - who then 'becomes the excuse' when things go wrong, or a decision has to be made. They use them to 'shift the responsibily'!

The result of all this is . . .

Moh's hardness scale for rocks and crystals

The hardness or softness of a rock/mineral is rated on the Moh scale from 1 to 10.  1 being very soft and 10 very hard.  Ten specific minerals and gemstones define this scale, and feature in the puemonic: 'The Geologist Can Find An Ordinary Quartz (that) Tourists Call Diamond'.


Thus: 1 Talc,  2 Gypsum, 3 Calcite,  4 Fluorite,  5 Apatite,  6 Orthoclase Feldspar, 7 Quartz,  8 Topaz,  9 Corundum (ruby, sapphire) 10 Diamond

Astro-homeopathy analagy to the Moh scale.

Simplifying the Moh hardness/softness scale to -

1 - slight but often,  4 - moderate and alternating

7 - strong and forceful, 10 - intense, profound, consumed

Finding your "creative, resourceful and spiritual" crystals.

Knowing you need an tetragonal crystal structure use the Mohs hardness scale to direct you to a specific crystal. If more one crystal is that hard, refer to the chakra colour of your "block" ie. throat - blue.

Available in beige or blue colouration


Mohs 5 - 5.5

Tetragonal crystal, Mohs hardness scale

3            Wulfenite

3.5 - 4   Chalcopyrite

3.5 - 4   Chalcopyrite nephite (+Mono)


4           Tugtupite

4.5 - 5   Apophyllite


?           Scheelite

?           Wardite


5 - 5.5  Scapolite

6 - 6.5     Pyrolusite

6 - 6.5     Rutilated quartz


6 - 7        Cassiterite


6.5          Vesuvianite

6.5          Vesuvianite Iodcrase


6.5 - 7     Zircon, yellow or green

Tetragonal crystal, Mohs hardness scale

A beautiful crystal usually tinged green


Mohs 4 - 4.5

A golden hue to the tumble and raw crystal.

Rutilated Quartz

Mohs 6 - 6.5

A close up showing the fine needle-like interior 'rutiles'

Rutilated quartz











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