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Triclinic - structured Crystals

Triclinic is the 'yo-yo'

In Astrology this is shown by the Quindecile aspect of planets and transits.


In Homeopathy, the Leprous miasm with the closing off, hiding away and statis of Sepia.


In Psychology the 'passive-aggressive', and 'I can't do right for doing wrong' attitude and situation.

Triclinic crystal personality type

Just like the crystal structure - one day up, next day down! They 'flip' daily from confidence to self-doubt.  Adventerous today; rigid tomorrow. When trying to be different, they fear ridecule and what others may think.  Often, after years of this 'flipping' they play it safe and live the life of a hermit.


However, they can be brimming with talent, yet worried that they cannot cope.  There is an internal feeling of 'what ever I do I cannot escape this situation'. Yet with constant supply of encouragement and support they really do thrive!

An inability to assert one's needs and find a workable compromise in new situations.  They are not 'self-starters' and find it impossible to recognise their own needs and desires.  They always want what you have, even though they have never actually stated as much, nor have they worked towards it.  They appear to lack 'joy'.


Instead of 'a love of a thing' driving their desire.  They tend to see the world as 'fair or unfair'.

The result of all this is . . .

Moh's hardness scale for rocks and crystals

The hardness or softness of a rock/mineral is rated on the Moh scale from 1 to 10.  1 being very soft and 10 very hard.  Ten specific minerals and gemstones define this scale, and feature in the puemonic: 'The Geologist Can Find An Ordinary Quartz (that) Tourists Call Diamond'.


Thus: 1 Talc,  2 Gypsum, 3 Calcite,  4 Fluorite,  5 Apatite,  6 Orthoclase Feldspar, 7 Quartz,  8 Topaz,  9 Corundum (ruby, sapphire) 10 Diamond

Astro-homeopathy analagy to the Moh scale.

Simplifying the Moh hardness/softness scale to -

1 - slight but often,  4 - moderate and alternating

7 - strong and forceful, 10 - intense, profound, consumed

Larimar, blue Pectolite

Mohs 5

A soft blue colour popular in jewellery.

Finding your "creative, resourceful and spiritual" crystals.

Knowing you need an triclinic crystal structure use the Mohs hardness scale to direct you to a specific crystal. If more one crystal is that hard, refer to the chakra colour of your "block" ie. solar plexis - yellow.

Snowflake obsidian is a mix of feldspar crystal in volcanic lava.

Snowflake obsidian

Mohs 5 - 5.5

Petrified Palm Wood transformed into quartz.

Fossilised Wood  Mohs 5 -8

Triclinic crystals, Mohs hardness scale

2.5        Ulexite

3           Astrophyllite

3           Septarian

3 ?        Wollastonite


3.5 - 6  Eilatstone

4.5 - 5  Okenite


?           Albite

?           Chrysanthemum stone, Porphyrite

?           Porcellanite


? - 5.5  Feldspar

5           Larimar, blue Pectolite

5 - 5.5  Snowflake obsidian

5 - 6        Sunstone

5 - 6        Turquoise

5 -6         Labradorite

5 - 5.6    Galaxyite, Labradorite rock

5 - 7.5    Aplite, Dalmation stone


5 - 8         Wood fossilised/petrified

5.5           Agrellite

5.5 - 6.5  Bustamite

5.5 - 6.5  Rhodonite


5.5 - 7    Disthene/ Kyanite

5.5 - ?    Ruby Kyanite Fuchite

Triclinic crystals, Mohs hardness scale

Triclinic crystals, Mohs hardness scale

6 - 6.5 Labradorite white, 'rainbow moonstone'


6 - 6.5  Amazonite, feldspar

6 - 6.5  Clevelandite

6 - 7     Novaculite


7           Labradorite, yellow

7          Ajoite

Do not confuse with blue-dyed Howlite.

Has variable, distinctive shades of pink.

Turquoise - Mohs 5 - 6

Rhodonite - Mohs 5.5 - 6.5

Amazonite - Mohs 6 - 6.5

Subtle blue amazonite with white feldspar.

Dalmation stone, Aplite  Mohs 5 - 7.5

The colours of the dog's coat.

Is the colour of the hot summer sun.

Sunstone - Mohs 5 - 6

Has a irridescence below the external surface of the stone.  Also known as Spectrolite.

Labradorite - Mohs 5 -6

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Comes in shimmery blue or black fan-shaped shards.

Disthane / Kyanite

Mohs 5.5 - 7